The Game

Me and my girlfriends are always in competition
We picked a guy,
Made a bet who could be the first to kiss him
The game was 'Make the poor boy beg'
Be the one inside his head
I played the game to win

Left the girls in the rearview
I got into first position
While they were hittin' on him,
Flirtin' with him,
I was turning his ignition
Thought he was just a game to win
But now I'm hearng violins
And now the jokes on me

Get your hands off my baby
The bets off
It's not a game anymore
You see the plan's gone wrong and you can't touch
Not playin' like I was before
You gotta keep the game our little secret
He can never know the score
Now I love him,
I don't want him to hate me for it
It's not a game anymore

We were bored hangin' out just lookin' for a new distraction
But the plan backfired,
Ended up as reverse attraction
It was just a little innocent fun
But I'm the one who's comin' all undone
And now the jokes on me

Chorus- Repeat 1x

What he don't know won't hurt him
Stop flirtin'
Leave us alone
Leave us alone

Chorus- Repeat 2x

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