Heads Of Fire

Took the fire and wrapped it tight around me,
Took the fear I had and cast it to sea,
Left to fight alone? Left to die?
Alone but not in vain
If your day should come,
Take your light and make it known,
Look how far you've come,
Stand your ground and stand alone
News flies quickly,
I can't believe you're gone,
But what you've givin me,
Is the strength to carry on,
Just one thing to ask,
Is to have you back,
But I'll see you again
Got a match, start a fire
(Time to make your light known),
Can't win this battle alone
(We've waited far too long)
I'll stand alone, I'll fight alone,
I'll take this world on my own,
Take your light and make it known
I'll fight alone, I'll die alone,
I'll start this fire on my own,
Take your light and make it known

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