If I Were A Billionaire

My name is Owen
And I rock
You can't deny me
I'm that hot

Imma be the best bee ever since Larry King
I'll star on his TV show
And I'll have a big fancy car Gold all over the doors, and Silver on the sides,
People will be so jelous, it's hard to buy
Imma sell it for 2 million dollars
My dog will get a gold incrusted collar
My house would be so big my room would be the size of a duplex
An arena will be there along with a basketball court
Kevin Garnett will be my neighbor
People would be at my front door
I would own Boston, along with New York
Madison Sqaure Garden would be more popular than before
TD Bank garden would have their soccer team there
Actually, there ain't one so I guess I'll make it there
I'll be so rich you can't even take it
People would be screamin my name
It would always be the same
Everyday, is gonna be the same game
If you tried to sew me, that would be nothin
I'm a multibillionare you dummy
Cause all my cash would be 100 dollar bills of 500s.
I'd also own the whitehouse!
I'd be the new president after Obama
I'd be the best ever since your favorite president
People would be so mad
It would make hobos sad
I guess this is what I'd have since I'm gonna have almost a trillion bucks

Imma be a rich boy!
It'll get kids very annoyed
Kids will try to break in
But I'll own ADT so they could not win
My neighbors will be so jelious
My house's morgage would be free cause own the bank
I'd have people want me to pose for a billion dollar bill
Hey look at me, everybody,
I'm richer than Dr. Phil

Back to what I'm gonna own
I'll even have a gold thrown
I would be the chick magnet of the world
People from un-known countries would know
Men will cry at night wishin they were me
I'd have my very own tutor.
Good-bye school and Justin Beiber.
I'd also own the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.
I'd be so stinkin rich I could pobably buy you!
Next to Fenway I'd have a condo connected to the park.
Don't worry about a museum but I'd buy
The baseball museum, wait, is that too much?
I guess not cause enough is NEVER enough
Maybe I'll go to the NFL and try to buy a team
Maybe the Patriots of maybe the Colts
I'll win so much Superbowls I'd practically own it
I'd have my very own website, and a 'things you think I should buy' box
I bet one of those messages would be to buy
Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.
Dell and Apple would be mine
Along with Nintendo and Rockstar games
I'd also own Microsoft, that's probably all
I'd also buy the world's biggest mall


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