Paul Kelly: If I Could Just Start Today Again Song Lyrics

If I Could Just Start Today Again

All the kings and queens in the Bible
They could not turn back time
So what chance have I of a miracle
In this life of mine?

I only want one day
To unsay the things I said
Undo the thing I did
Twenty four little hours

Oh, God, please wipe them all away
And I promise I will change
If I could start today again

I know I'm not the milk and honey kind
Today I proved it true
When the red mist falls around my eyes
I know not what I do

Please give me back today
And I won't say the things I said
Or do that thing I did
Every minute, every hour

The replay's just the same
And I can't stand the shame
Oh, let me start today again

I only want one day
One lousy day, that's all
Of every day that's been before
Since time began

I know my prayer's in vain
But for a second I'll pretend
That I can start today again

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