Nami yurare yuuhi odoru
Hohoenda "mata ashita" tte
(the waves roll, in the sunset they dance)
(you smiled, "see you again tomorrow")
Shiokaze yorisoi shibaraku yasumou
Tatakau yuuki ga afurete kuru kara
(the sea breeze is an embrace, let's rest a little while)
(because courage earned in battle will overflow)

Manten no hoshi ga utau
Sasayaita "ganbarou" tte
(a star sings a perfect score)
(it whispered, "let's never give up")
Mikadzuki yurikago yumemite nemurou
Tabi-suru genki ga afurete kuru kara
(let's sleep and dream we're in the cresent moon's cradle)
(because our energy for journeying will overflow)

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