Mommy Dearest

Mother: What is this mess that I see?
Child: (stuttering) I was just
Mother: How many times haveI told you?
Child: I was gonna pick it up I swear
Mother: I told you to pick up this mess
Child: I know I heard you
Mother: I don't wanna hear that!
Child: (stuttering) was gonna pick it up
Mother: Pick up this room like I told you
Child: I'm picking up right now, see I'm pick it up
Mother: What your not listening to me?
Child: No I'm picking it up
Mother: Pick it up
Child: See I'm putting it away
Mother: And stop that crying!
Child: I'm not crying
Mother: There will be no crying here!
Child: Mommy stop it please
Child: Mommy don't hit me
Mother: SHUT UP! (x2)

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