Wake Up The Dead

One of these days gonna lighten my load
get it the car and head down the road
some place that's got more sun than rain
hey, watch me now
i'm bustin' out
gonna do something i can talk about
but right now everything's the same
gonna wake up the dead
be here for the living
ain't gonna say i'm sorry
or need to be forgiven
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
ah, gonna rattle all the cages
tear out the pages
make this moment
one for the ages
remember what i said
gonna wake up the dead
yeah, you'll find me sitting on top of the world
my arms around a pretty little girl
you can crown me the king for a change
have money in my pocket
drink in my hand
you'll be my woman
i'll be your man
if i could just get out of bed
carmalina, a mexican prize
won by many
in the bars late at night
strange behavior
for our savior
born a stranger to affection
her adolescence fell by the way
like a child actor
she grew up too quickly
moving so swiftly
alt verse:
when the rains came
no one was to blame
they wrote it off
as they rolled her way
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
St Johns Smith Square
i was hammered in vegas
lost in la
you saved me from sarah
oh, thanks, by the way
if it wasn't for london
st johns smith square
i'd be wandering through
without you
tom was a brother
he was a friend
till he fell into money
went off the deep end
and i watched him sinking
thinking that could be me
without you i'd be wandering through
i'd be wandering through without you
you can say that i live in a dream
going nowhere
but i will show you when i can
get this out of my head

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