Body Heat

Ah ah ah aha ah
Ah aha aha

I can't hear when you stay to mine
So get down in the next divine
So let's get this pumpin
Bout time we started something
Well someone in here just turn it up
Turn up that...
Body shaking and we like it like that
'Cause this party is too cold
This... is out of control
Well someone in here just turn it up
Dj cause in the check a baseline to break you back
Oh no second... right now this club incision
Well someone in here just turn it up

I can't to feel your body heat
So turn on over he go speakers to the speakers go
Get so hot I'm so hot
And we gonna need no water somebody say hey
I can't, I can't feel your body heat
So gonan over heat oh speaker
To the speaker go
Get so hot, I'm so hot
And need no water
Somebody gonna say hey

Right now stop the track
Okay bring it back
'Cause we need this music and don't you dare refuse ti
There's someone in here just turn it up
This party here to yours
... in the cross to floor
Ah, and it's causing friction
It's like we're on a mission
To get up in here and turn it up

I know you're feeling me
... damn it's plenty to see
Hey no mistaken shaking like new jamaican
There's someone in here
Le'ts turn it up


We just came to dance and I just wanan feel your body heat
Up against me
We don't give a damn all I wanan do is be right here with you

Step in the floor no feel no...
Gonan feel... with the sexy eyes
Then I look around to see it all with me
'Cause I'm... the pressure here with me
So when the dawn... shake your... baby... make me... take my... big change
Everybody... get me feelin
I can feel your groove deep in your...
Make you feel your touch
'Cause I knwo...

I can't wait to feel your body heat

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