Tiking in time with the hand grenade, its prize, it's charm Barrels on without a chain, This chance it starts
From where i stand i could see it all, i do, i don't Make up my mind it's getting late, i will, i won't It has something
more to give, it has everything to say The bleed of her heart, the bat of her eyes, she's gotta be strong and she knows
how to fight She has to know the way i guess (?) She has to go the way i guess (?)
As soon as it finishes she breaks the ground, it's sharp, it's grayish (?) She would've been anything she could have
been it all From where i stand i can see it all, i will, i won't Make up my mind what i'm about, i do, i don't Well it
has something more to give, well it has everything to sayare

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