Mister did you come
In search of water
I'll bet you're thirsty
Wrong or right
How'd you like
To be my partner
Mister will you ride
With me tonight

There's a house
Upon the hillside
The people there
Ain't no damn good
They've got gold
And they've got silver
I'd like to have it
If I could


Feel that wind
Feel it blow
There's worse than stealin'
When a man
Is tired and cold

You know my life
Has been a nightmare
I won't bore you
With the news
But I can sum you up
By lookin'
I ain't no hungrier
Than you

Hey friend, sorry
That you're dyin'
I didn't know
He had a gun
Such a shame
To leave you lyin'
But you know I've
Got to run

You know the law
Has got a long arm
I've been around
I know it well
But if they're ever
Gonna catch me
They'll have to chase me
Into hell

Feel that wind
Feel it blow
There's worse than dyin'
When a man
Is tired and cold

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