The Reason: Afterparty At The Actor's Estate Song Lyrics

Afterparty At The Actor's Estate

We said we meant business and you saw it first hand
The evidence sleeps in ditches, and it's caked on our hands
The doctor The broken necks
The archer stands atop the architect and breathes through one last cigarette
He says "Though these weren't the best of times,
we made the best of it, and tonight we're fingerpainting everything red"
How quickly we forget where we came from
It's sickening He better not forget where those stains came from
He says "I remember, but these won't get the best of me
This is nothing new to me
We're so strong enough to show them that these are just the moments when friends turn foes
Enemies just cast you off and watch you float away
Go to the house of the actor's
We'll drink that blood, and celebrate after we break down that door
Settling the score with a pain that has never been inflicted before"
Those times were too much for me
My heart is so stuck in my throat that my tongue is on my sleeve again
I've stepped on so many toes that I cannot keep track of them all
The heart is like a hand grenade We waited so patiently
Long enough to show them that these are just the moments when friends turn foes
Our enemies will laugh it off and let it go
We write it off as history, but we cannot forget this and you cannot dismiss this
So savour it whole Don't question it
The best of times is just two steps away
We're finger painting everything red

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