Once again lose, two for the honey
Three with the boobs, four cause it money
How many shots does the day to start again
I can tell you by your... you can have all me
Baby let me break the ice girl what's your name
And I think you... very dressed away ooh

Pre chorus:
Do you always seem to fight 'cause I
And I may no tears and I can't have
Between your misery hospitality
That you need from me
And girl I can feel the pain inside
Your voice, all you...
Is a choice and can't take it all away

Let me rescue you
I can't see the true
Like it... see right through the pain
Let me rescue you, let me feel the...
I'm a... runnin down your face
I can't take it in the... and nobody through the.
But I can be your superhero
Flying through the stars and make love
Your darkness I can be your superhero
Baby can't you feel it,...
And the spirit miracles by my special team ooh
Girl straight from my... and... I can't tell
Just a look I can tell 'cause that... wait to see
That you're a...

[Pre chorus:]

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