Send me 'round to the backdoor
Front wont let me in
It's hard to keep being peacefull
When these kind of days don't end

Things will get better tomorrow
At least that's what they say
When I wake up in the morning
It still looks like today

If I could fly away
I'd fly into the sky
No one to ask me why
I would be so free
Just carry me away

But on second thought

I guess I'll stay
Help you find a better way
No vacation no holiday
I guess I'll do that another day

Can't get in through the front door
Send me 'round the back
It's hard to keep being peacefull
Stuff goin' on like that

I aint got no one to talk to
Talking just to me
I'll see you in the future
I don't know where I'll be

I guess I'll stay
A few more games I wanna play
A few more things I wanna say
A few more bills I have to pay

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