Letra de canción de 3X KRAZY: Welcome To Raymond James

Welcome To Raymond James

Who u wit dawg
with the bucs dawg
Sure u ain't wit the 'Skins
All the way Raymond James
Tampa dawg
Man u crazy
Buccaneers dawg
U know I'm talkin' 'bout the bucs

Verse 1:
Welcome to Tampa home of the Raymond James
where the Bucs put it down and they bring the pain
Man u hear the cannons shootin'
and all the fans rootin'
Rookies and childs screamin'
now that we got Jon Gruden
Every game off the chain now the chucks in here
And u goin walk the plank if u ain't a Buccaneer
What's up in here we got the other teams fans leavin'
Cause our D put they offsense out for the season
Sapp, Brooks, John Lynch and all three Johnson's
Simeon, Shawn King, y'all don't want problems
McCardell, Gramatica who u goin get man to stop
Mike Alstott and my boy Pittman
Everybody's chattin,' cheerin' and braggin'
about the new Bucs who play like All Madden
On ur backs scrattin' is where we puttin' y'all
get ur beer and ur grills its time for football

Chorus 2x
Welcome to the feild where the BUCS play
At the Raymond James down in Tampa Bay
Jon Gruden got the team off the chain this year
cause the Glazers want a superbowl ring this year
Yo git who u wit
I'm wit the Bucs
What u mean wit the Bucs
U ain't wit checkin dawg
On the tip of the ship
U ain't wit checkin' dawg
Cannons goin off
represent that, represent that

Verse 2
I'm a Buccaneer fan and I'm stay wit 'em
on top of the ship and Tampa Bay wit 'em
Other teams forfeit scared to play wit 'em
ain't no losin' in the Raymond James Stadium
We make chickens out of Falcons
Cubs out of Bears
Kittes out Lions, tru ball players
Buckley, Walker, Barber, McFarland, Dexter Jackson, Buccaneers ballin'
After Brett Farve and all quarterbacks
we damage other teams, Kiffin taught em' that
Buccaneers back breakin' like dishes
What u know bout' Stecker and Jurevicius
Christy, Kelly can't let u leave
Wit out sendin' games from the B-U-C's
Builted suited up
Ready to go shine
Lights, Camera, Action
BUCS its show time

Our offense tuff; our defense rough"Go bucs! go bucs!'
Aint no other team stoppin' usGo bucs; go bucs
In the raymond James we do our thing, every time we score those cannons bang
if you want to see a game go bucs go bucs

Dad this peanut
we ought make u walk the plank
Goin get us these waek tickets way up here
I can't even see the Bucs
I don't know who they is
look like a high school

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