Letra de canción de Akercocke: Ceremony Of Nine Angels

Ceremony Of Nine Angels

I speak through mirrored angles
Baptized with burning flame
A man of sins and lust
forbidden pleasures, pain
Attend the alter of flesh
summon the power infernal
Appeal to Satanas the king
and the dark ones eternal
Appeal to Satanas the king
and the dark ones eternal
Purify darkened chamber
summoning with reverence
Appeal to Satanas the king
and the dark ones eternal
The lord of the abyss
deified, immortal
This is the age of fire
The morning star from the deepest night
creature of ecstatic light
The black order have opened the gate
they who know keys and angles
came with eyes aglow
to feast on the weak
Judging Jehovah with violence
burning down temples of god
murdering foolish disciples
drowning his chapels in blood
The old Gods lie dormant
[solo- PS]
Dominion and thralldom
Thy princedom awaits
Mighty shadow - Death
Flesh without sin
world without end
justice without mercy
Lex Satanicus

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