Now You Know

f/ Shaggy 2 Dope

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If you don't know now you know, if you don't know now you now

[Verse 1]

First off, let me speak
There's some crazy motherfuckers I've been dying to teach
About the ways of the underground
How it spins round and round by adding those terrifying sounds
Make your way from the East to the West
And the North and the South Juggalos hear me out
You wanna know about me well it's time for me to tell ya
But it's nothing familiar
Known on the streets as ABK
Busting caps at the strays with a rusty ass throw away
If you scared turn the lights on
I can see your heart steady pounding so I bet it won't last long
Pack the weed in the bong take a hit
And reminisce about some bullshit
That's how it is when you're out of control
A little something that I thought you should know


Tell me why the hell does everybody in this world wanna know about us (What)
Tell me why the hell does everybody in this world wanna know about us (Come On)
Tell me why the hell does everybody in this world wanna know about us (Yeah)
Tell me why the hell does everybody in this world wanna know about us

[Verse 2]

Did you learn a little bit
From the rhymes that I spit
If not well it goes like this
I'm crazy, fucked in the brain
People say that I'm going insane
Because the life that I chose underneath the concrete
Deep with a dead sleep in a killer's beat
Away from the sun cause it hurts my eyes
Like a vampire only come around at night
Brand new fuck you
Blood sweat and tears now it's time for me to break through
Been such an outcast in so many ways
Now it's time to clear my head and make you all amazed
Words that I speak leave your ears infected
No need for bodyguards I'm your own protection
There's only two things that I need
My juggalo family and a bag from JD


[Bridge x14]

Do you know

[Verse 3: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Me and ABK we be like
(Hold up man, you got too many cases on your hands)
Besides if I told you then I'd have to choke you
Chop and cut you, strangle and smoke you
Too much dirt that I can't speak on it
You think you know you dont know I put my kids on it
If it makes you think go ahead light a joint
Cause you dont know, that's the point

[Chorus fade out]

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