Letra de canción de Aztlan Underground: Preachers of the Blind State

Preachers of the Blind State

Give your soul to the preachers of the blind faith
It's good to be righteous, now it's good to be safe
Suspended, animated, united state
Hook, line, and sinker now you took the bait
Caught like a rat in a rat trap
Broken dreams, now they've stabbed you in the back
Minds are tortured and minds are shaped
Violated, set you up for the mind rape
They took you from a child and showed you the way
Be the cowboy, not the Indian when you play
Don't stray from the righteous path
Your faith keeps you safe from the preachers wrath
Confess to the preachers
Repent for your sins
Denounce your culture, language, and the state wins
Lost forever in the church of the right
Your faith is your death
Your faith is taking your sight
Now can you hear the truth when your listen
Read between the lines
Choking on the vines of wisdom
For the eyes can't see through the hate
Find your comfort it lies within your faith
That right is right and it can't be wrong
Glory, hallelujah, and his truth marches on
Glory, hallelujah, and his truth marches on
Cuando estabas muy chico pensavas diferente
Era el modo de tu mente
Pero la honstidad no fue la realidad
Y crecias viendo hueros en todo los canales
Mientras el espejo te dijo que tu no vales
No vales nada en este mundo blanco
Mundo de bancos, controlando
Tus deseos, tus sentimientos
Y tu vida
Pero nuestras raices indigenas
Son como troncos de arbol
Y eso nunca muere
Y eso,
Nunca muere!!!
They tune to your mind
Your tv reception
Strategic calculated mind control deception
Maintaining the system
Imposing their values
Consumer manipulation
Keeping you shallow
And now your senses are numbed
And you cannot feel
You've lost comprehension of the fake or real
You cannot deal with life and what it should mean
Ya fashion your life by a TV screen
Blond is the bomb makes you ashamed of your skin
And rejecting this is like a mortal sin
So lets begin
Let us dissect,
Count all the ways that they keep us on check
Their books, magazines, the media crooks
Their morals, your diet, the nightly news
Neoliberalism is controlling your views
Neoliberalism is controlling your views
Ta Batz'i Vinic, Ta Batz'i Vinic
(Tzotzil-To the real people)

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