Save Me, Sister

Save me, Sister, Sister, save me,
Save me from temptation,
Of other lips, of other eyes,
Of other vows, of other ties,
Of other smiles and other sighs
From that devil revelry,
From the life of fancy free!

Save me, Sister, Sister, save me;
My heart needs salvation!
I'm gonna miss, I'm gonna stray,
But lady, from this very day,
I'll go the straight and narrow way
Sister, if you lead me to
Pastures green and eyes of blue,
Don't make me feel like a motherless child,
A sisterless son,
And dozens and dozens of loverless cousins!

Save me, Sister, Sister, save me;
What's my destination?
I'm gonna rise, I'm gonna shine,
I'm gonna sign the dotted line,
I'm going to make the heavens mine, above,
Sister, you're a winner if you save a little sinner who's in love

There's a light ahead in somebody's eyes
His heart cries out for love that glorifies!

Don't make him feel like a motherless child,
A sisterless son,
And dozens and dozens of loverless cousins;
He's headed for,
He's headed for,
That pearly shore
That pearly shore,
That golden door,
That golden door!
The little sinner who's in love!

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