Letra de canción de Disappear Fear: Who's So Scared

Who's So Scared

Once riding in old baltimore, head filled
Heart filled with glee
I saw a baltimorean keep looking straight at me
Now i was eight and very small
And he was no whit bigger
And so i smiled but he poked his tongue out and called me nigger
I saw the whole of baltimore from may until december
Of all the things that happened there
That's all that i remember
Who's so scared

When i was fourteen i took a bus to san francisco
I was full of hope and joy till this girl called me a boy
But i was already on my way, so frightened to be gay
Just like 1942 (1492) the world screaming
"something's wrong with you, jew"
Who's so scared
But what i discover, lover after lover
There's nothing wrong with me
That's jys a lie by society
So i start looking at the world we have
And while it's not completely bad
There's a lot of room for improvement
People of color and the gay movement
Who's so scared
Won't you explain to me the pain of your life

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