Include My Food

"Are you hungry?" he asked "Care to join me in a bite of thought?"
I looked and the table and said, "thank-you for your kindness, but really, I'm not"
"C'mon, let's chat, 'chew the fat' with me!
Let's debate the ethics on our plate; Let's disagree!
Aren't you going to tell me how everything I eat
is derived from misery and cruelty?
Aren't you going to tell me about the contents of meat?
All the pesticides and the hormones?
C'mon Ember, let's disagree C'mon Ember, let's disagree!"

We pick our politics like we choose the food to fill our stomachs
Parting with money is just playing with fate
I choose to start with the food upon my plate
I really sincerely don't mean to be rude
But my politics INCLUDE MY FOOD
Seems we all live in a mist of mediocrity
Never ever thinking that we can have an impact
But, it's a fact that we as people are the very pulse of the economy
Everything we purchase, invest in or consume
has the power to demystify and to perpetuate this capitalist gloom
Because everything that we buy is attached to a company with a policy
about production, employment, government or the environment (to name a few)

Stiltwalking (2002)
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