Litany Of Murder

I'm killing you, motherfucker!
Suffer for your deceitfulness
I will not take these things lightly
As you fuck me I will fuck you

You think you are invincible
Fuck with me and you will be dead
You are as good as dead!
I am certain of your death!

Deep throat my gun
Taste the cold steel
Pull the tigger
you're still alive!

Take my hammer upon your bleeding head
Cranium smashed in, spilling your blood
Now you will die, I'll make sure of it
what can you do, you are now dead!

Stuffing your corpse into a 55 gallon drum
Entombed in your coffin, solidified by cement
As your head sticks out, I will smash it in
Your head is now severed, stuffed in your tomb!

Litany of Murder
I am listening to you die!

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