Feeling electric, feeling electric Yea
Feeling electric, feeling electric
1 2 3

[Verse 1:]

Her name was keysha
I could tell by the way she spelled her name
That she was different
Such a pleasure to meet her
She turned down every man in the room
But it was a full moon
And the bond we had was electric
Something like electricity
She did to me, she put it on me


Baby I'm shocked
It's as if I'm plugged in the wall
You came and made me fall
In love with you
And now baby I'm shocked
And when we ain't on the phone
I seem to have a jones
Cause I feel so all alone
And I'm shocked
And you can see the hair all over my head is sweating all over my hands
Can't get her out of my bed?
I'm shocked
Cause you turned a player into a lover
God knows that I love yah
And I gotta admit, that I'm shocked

[Verse 2:]

Oh when she leaves me
I can still feel her presence in the room
I know that she can hear me
Ah, when I'm making a battle out loud
I'm wild bout love
I can't hide from her touch
Her electrical currant got me over hear buzzing
Redefining energy, just surging me


[Verse 3:]

It's like a put some scissors in the outlet
And you will never ever have a better outage
It's like a put some scissors in the outlet, yah
And you will never ever have a better outage


[Verse 4:]

So shocked yah I'm feeling electric feeling electric yea
I'm feeling electric, yah I'm shocked

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