Letra de canción de Jimmy Somerville: Hurts So Good

Hurts So Good

First you take my heart
In the palm of your hand
And you squeeze it tight
Then you take my mind
And play with it all night

You take my pride
And throw it up against the wall
You take me in your arms baby
And bounce me like a rubber ball

I ain't complaining
What you're doing you see
'Cos this hurting feeling is
Oh so good for me

You take my name
And you scandalise it in the street
Oh anything you wanna do
Say it's alright by me

Then you turned me around
And check my masculinity
So let me tell you
You sure look good to me

'Cos baby these things you're doing
They hurt so bad
But it's worth all the misery

Don't you know that it's hurts so good
Hurts so good

Ooh boy please don't ever
Take the heat off me
'Cos it would hurt even more
If you'd ever leave
Even though sometimes
It's hard to me to bear
I make myself hold on
'Cos it kills me I don't care

'Cos baby I don't want you to ever quit
Ooh, it ain't no good 'til it
Hurts just a little bit

Don't you know that it's hurts so good
Hurts so good

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