Sacred Part 1

f/ Talib Kweli

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, this is dedicated
To all ya'll ma'fuckas who be listenin to lyrics
You know there's a lot bullshit in the industry right now
(Hi-Tek) But see this hip hop is sacred to us
Na'msayin, sacred
Got Dr Francis Cress up in here (Eternal Reflect)
Na'msayin, Mad House up in this mothafucker
We boycott, what's the name of that store, Coger's
Yeah, outta here
Now listen, really try to understand what we tryin to say to you here

Ghetto children steady rotting but ain't no stoppin
Rottin flesh under the sun
Makes a perfect place for a FLY to nest
Settle down inside the corroded chest
So it could raise it's own seed, yes yes
Lies don't know what it means to be oppressed
They got no feelings to express
There's a tendency in bastardation we keep facin
A sell-out, there is no toleration, get the hell out
Or more bodies is wastin
A way in the street, in between the people basing
Dodgin rain drops from the sky, thinkin they fly
Ain't that a bitch?
Rich or thick ass from the heads on the block
Not realizing they duty involves civilizing
Tryin to understand but FUCK IT
I need about a grand to get cash in my hand
Where maggots in the chest cavity
Gravity be workin against
And so they downplayin the fence
Refusin to fly, the maggot don't quit
It grow into a fly and be on some next shit
You will get yours within this time
I master mics and I master minds
Unconcious MC's, it's disaster time
Wasn't my fault you couldn't read the signs
Read the signs, read the signs
Wasn't my fault you couldn't read the signs


Sent as the real, earth kill
Taintin my spill for bad deals, gives a chill
We're only trife, advancin bag mills but still (Do do do)
Chances on the hill, we're twice as ill when I reveal

[Main Flo]

My sign read, gain my speed wit con weed
Throughout my rhyme greed, I've always made the lines bleed
I escape jakes cross-state wit rival lotto fates
I stifle piracy in shadows where I hibernate
It's smoke-filled caverns, ills plus the lighters flock
Biters jock, I stifle heads just like I'm writer's block
I'm killin patients, injected for the seven nations
World got hatred, tryin to sue for reperations
Cross the station, insomniacs is facin silhouettes
While lyin on death beds, I murder crews wit pillow sets

[Talib Kweli]

You will gets yours within this time
My master mics and I master minds
Unconcious MC's it's disaster time
Wasn't my fault you couldn't read the sign *echoes*

[?] 2x

'98 scripts become the norm in the storm
That's why he has came in multiple form
'98 scripts becomes the norm in the storm
That's why he has came in multiple form

'98 scripts become the norm--*gunshot*

[Main Flo]

You know my crew, I'm seekin righteousness wit them, god
A ?spearlessly? escaped to rims of nimrod
Advanced writing skills, form micro-fields
Mind at ease, drinkin teas, now that on hikin hills
Didactic carry us from crevices to various
Revealed in the ancient most that cover areas
Wit philosophic mic prophet seek the higher gossit
When I cease, I'm like an Arab takin liars hostage

[Talib Kweli]

Nigga, we would never deliberately deceive you
This is too sacred for that
We would never lie to you
We keep this shit too sacred for that
We would never tell you un-truths, half-truths
Please, that's a devil's jo
Fuck that

*beat changes*

Keep, keep one open if you sleep
The shadow's on whitewalls when night falls on the streets
Certain priests bear the mark of the priest
Came in the name of peace and left your brain fleece
All these teach
And preach, they down wit the police
In the nightime they shootin up dope, and drinkin white wines
To givin pipe lines, blame it on the crack fiends
And black teens gettin AIDS from the vaccines
They set you up
Shoot you up to spook you up
Isolated, plainly stated, you been betrayed
I bring knowledge to solid
Foul styles polished
Be havin sessions wit history lessons
Get demolished, I'm hi-tech
Disect to lie detect
Days and last, no cash, can't write a check
It's foretold, prepare to travel far rows
Bar codes, laws hold those playin star roles
Be down key like Lee, handle yo' business tightly
Rightly, outta mind outta sight see
Whoever said it, read it then probably get beheaded

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