Letra de canción de Sleater-Kinney: How to Play Dead

How to Play Dead

do you want to hurt me
go ahead and try-
you're feeling sick, you poor thing
clean up your little mess
then i'll suck your dick
(didn't i tell you it wasn't fun)
you want to show me how to play dead
how to be still how to please you
if i don't give you just what you need
it hurts you (i'm such a tease)
you're just a boy who likes to whine
i'm gonna choke can't feel a thing
you say go deeper you like it when i scream
and then you tell me i'm so good-
i won't suck your big ego and swallow all my pride
i'm spitting out your memory and stains you left
inside of me i'm sick of being full of what you
fed me what I choked down-
i'll show you how it feels to be dead
how it feels to be held still
how i wish you were dead

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