Welcome Home

[Music & Lyrics : King DIAMOND]

Grandma welcome home
You have been gone for far too long
Is this a dream , are you really back ?

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
Let me touch you let me feel aaahhh ! ! ! !

Grandma take a look
What do you think of the house and the silvery moon
We're going to repaint the front door soon

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
Let me touch you let me feel aaahhh ! ! ! !

Wait till you see your room up in the attic
Prepared just as you said without bed
You will find your rocking chair and the teapot that missy found

Let me help you out of the chair grandma
There's someone waiting for you, now come along

Missy and mother, they are dying to meet you
How strange, she spoken no word
I wonder grandma, are you all right

Grandma what was it like to be on a holiday site
Oh it could have been worst but with them by my side
In the twilight they sang all the old lullabies
Grandma who are they, nevermind your dirty little brat oohh ! !

Let us go inside somethings on their mind
They are still alive, can you feel their eyes ,can you
feel their eyes
Now that you are stuck with me you'd better be my friends

[Guitars / Vox: Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]
[Bass: Jo?«l GUIGOU]
[Drums: Morten NIELSEN]
[Additional Vox: Christine HJERTAAS]

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