Dixieland Delight

Rollin' down a backwoods Tennessee byway, one arm on the wheel, holdin' my
lover with the other: a sweet, soft, Southern thrill
Worked hard all week; got a little jingle on a Tennessee Saturday night
Couldn't feel better: I'm together with my Dixieland Delight

Spend my dollar; parked in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight; hold her
uptight; make a little lovin', a little turtle dovin' on a Mason Dixon night
Fits my life, oh, so right: My Dixieland Delight

Whitetail buck deer munchin' on clover, redtail hawk settin' on a limb, a
chubby old groundhog, croakin' bullfrog, free as the feelin' in the wind
Home grown country girl gonna give me a whirl on a Tennessee Saturday night
Lucky as a seven livin' in heaven with my Dixieland Delight


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