Running Back

(To date, this is all that's available When the song is released, more

will be added on!!!!!)

The phone is off the hook
and Jimmy's got a gun
Sherry's in the river and
the river's gonna run again

Mmmm, yeah

So you don't know where to go,
you don't know where to hide,
holding all your tears,
keeping your pain inside

With your back against the wall,
heart falling from your hands,
you throw it in the river,
the river's gonna run again

Oh, yeah, yeah

But yooooooou arrrrrreee not

But yooooooou're not safe
at hoooooooomme

And you're running back, running back
when you're off track
Lookin' for a home
or a house to call your own
You need a phone,
you feel all alone
Don't know where to start
while you fall into part
And you need someone to hold
your hands and cope
You feel a little older,
you need a shoulder, oh I know

But you're not alone

(That's all I've got so far :) But whenever people can hear the full
version of the song, I'll try to put it all on here)

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