( Sample )
I defy,
You to find a bluer sky,
Than a summer in love,
With mirth
Happy as Larry,
A smile I would carry,
One wondrous look,
Of surprise
When I danced with you,
You even made the sun change you,
Such a pity,
We weren't pretty
When I danced with you,
I always felt,
As if you knew,
You were scared,
Never dared
Hell to play,
We'll show them anyway,
We shall tell you it was time to grow,
'Till it was time
( Sample )
To grow
Nobody, ever find the truth in me,
Of a paradise mood/moon/move
In flight
Exotic and even,
Made sentence reeling/really,
A glorious passion,
That night
When I danced with you,
You even made the sun change you,
Such a pity
( Sample )

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