Beautiful In White

and i'm walking on the cold side of the moon
and i don't feel that peace of mind
that i had read about in school
my vision set on one
a soul is lying it awaits

to feel alright
broken, restless, tired
the fear of flight
have i told you that you're beautiful in white

and i'm strolling through a garden it's midday
and i know her source of life
so close to death and all it's pain
so i pray for a safe flight
jodie lies waiting now for days

promises are waste
believed in yesterday
lied to, scorned, ashamed
taken in yesterday
fading to the strain
and fear of yesterday
fear of yesterday
it's all lies

and i'm dancing on the ocean waves it's late
father commiserates and cries
forever flying she partakes
and soars to greater heights
her life in harmony arrived

she feels alright
triumphant youthful child
the weeks go by
have i told you that you're beautiful
have i told you that you're beautiful
have i told you that you're beautiful
have i told you that you're beautiful tonight, to-night

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