Never Give Up

Woke up this morning and
Saw you were standing there
A cup of coffee in your hand
A stormy weather out
You say you've had enough
And now you wanna say bye bye
You're my oochie coochie man

You're packing all your bags
Taking everything but me
I could be coo-coo-cool
But I just wanna scream and shout
Don't wanna loose you and
I don't wanna stop to fight

I'll never give up
And I'll never give in
Don't wanna let you go this time
I'll never give up
And I'll never give in
This is how I feel it

You're looking nervous and
You're slipping from my hands
Someone is knock in' at the door
Who can it be ? Toc toc
Is it a new love babe ?
But I could not open maybe

Don't turn your back on me
Let me try just one more time
You outta wait you outta give me
My last funking chance
C'mon and please me, babe
You know I'll be pleasing you
I swear

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