Just Because

I tried torun away,
but I found I couldn't hide
You said that we would never be friends,
but there's so much more inside
I left to chase a shattered dream,
You know how hard I've tried
And now I'm back and you're wondering why
Just because of the way that you are
Just because of the things that you do
Just because you opened your heart to me,
I know God led me to you
Just because you stood by my side,
When everybody ran away
Just because of the way you live your life,
I know I'm falling in loveJust because
I tried totell you
I tried to make you see
But you never seemed to understand
That you mean the world to me
I'll leave everything behind
You know we were meant to be
You're my soul, you're all that I need
Just because you always seem to lift me up
When life would leave me down
You had faith in me
You always stayed around
And even through the times when I broke your heart
And tore down every star
I'm here for you know
Please show me how,
To be, everything you are

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