In coherence of the universal clue
The elements served as our dictionary
The vast and the narrow's rendezvous
Where abstraction and the precise momentarily

Shared an equal confounded abode
But soon we entangled ourselves in that maze
Then, nature's stratum began to erode
As our fire burnt soil's face

We suddenly changed our mind's nutrition
To outshine the forces, became our probe
Beauty we turned into perdition (to prove that) - "man is
greater than a microbe"

We're the voice of thunder and image of lightning
It rove inside us since day one
In past times we tamed the frightening
A heritage leaping, from father to Son

But the Son became imperial
As soon as he mastered gravity
World's resources were immaterial
For his ennobled colony

His urges with chaos reconciled
Throughout land's and ocean's enormous spectrum
The alliance continues until he defeats the fossilized
History, sealed in a petrified museum

But, we can't transform our origin
Atoms stay atoms forever
The senses of Nature will always win
In this earthly endeavour
From quantum theory to rustic haven
The laws of origin control birth
From feeble fool to strong maven
Everyone inherit the earth

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