Greedy pretenders, political leaders
Always fighting fr your goal
Masters of illusions and self celebration
You corrupt the whole world


All your leaders
All your power
Makes you bastards
You're all cowards
Smiling commanders, reliable actors
Hiding your dishonesty
I can see your portrait, I know you will betray
Who believes in loyalty
You liars, cowards, bastards! (Don't forget) You'll die
Clever deceivers for you believers
Stating they defend your rights
Democracy's realm, a promise for freedom
They won't let you think or fight
Laicism or religionThey don't need the reason
To demonstrate their right way
They won't make you worry and never feel sorry


They'll promise you heaven now and forever
"Vote for me" they are asking you
Masters of conviction they will never show you
If they need, they'll make you die

[Solo: Jennifer Batten]

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