All the time in the world
Is lying right beside me,
But time does stop sometimes,
And back home, snow used to surprise me

It's all two years ahead of me now
Well, that's a lot of drinking
You say I won't miss you, but I do
It's a lot of never thinking

If I don't, black, out,
I'll keep you, inside me
I can't promise you anything

How long can a Saturday
Keep meaning all the same things
I love all the things I said I love,
But forget why I'm still standing

All the time in the world
Is lying right beside me
If time does stop sometimes,
Let's try to spend it sleeping

If I don't black out,
I'll keep you inside me
I can't promise you anything

I know, yeah, I'm slow
I sleep the best in cold
Dreams aren't what they used to be

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