Dwelling Spirits

Nightmarish chaos,
Spine-snapping chills
Unearthly spirits,
The dead are haunting!!!

Peaceful suburban home
first of its kind
Family of chosen ones
Unaware of what's to come
Began with a strange occurrence
Witness a disturbance
Excursion into the supernatural
The living better beware

Unknown phenonmem
Disembodied souls
unearthly spirits invade,
To terrify the living

Plagued by a presence,
Paranormal episode
Psycontronic happenings,
intrusion of ghosts!!!

Peaceful suburban home
last of its kind
Family of chosen ones
Too late for the fate to judge
Forces too powerful to stop
Ghosts contempt their souls
Failed the premonition
Dying world of infliction!!!

Dwelling Spirits!!!

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