Paroles de chanson Distorted Penguins: Another Big Surprise

Another Big Surprise

Susan is crusin, she's losin no time
Seeing, believing, she's no longer mine
Hoping and groping for something out in space
Molding, controlling, but still keeping face
She knows I still love her
But is that why she runs away
She know I still love her
That's why I gotta say

Doesn't it matter to you anymore
Won't it speak to you no so much more don't cha know
You say what goes
Maybe later on you'll realize
Could it be you'd see me through you own two eyes
I feel so low - And you dont even know
Go then I'll pretend you were never here
Look, man, understand I'll always be near
Goodbye, please do try, remember me now
Farewell, time will tell, the when, where, and how
She knows I still love her
But is that why she runs away
She know I still think about her
But every single day
'Cause everyday - I hear you say
That you hate me - I'm the one you despise
So everyday - I look away
For something else

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