Betcha Cant Wait

Its two oclock in the morning babe
I wanna call but I know its late
But you left message on the phone to get back to you
So Im calling you up, cause Im feeling kinda lonely
And just for tonight you can be my one and only
So when you come round, we will get down
If it feels right we can do it all night
Betcha cant wait

Betcha cant wait, betcha cant stop
Thinking bout my love rock, do I hear the penny drop
Baby come on, betcha cant wait
Betcha wanna stay, now I wanna play
Girl I gotta hundred ways, really wanna make your day
Lets get it on, betcha cant wait

Try to picture what youre wearing now
Dont disappoint me dont you let me down
The thought of you has gotta hold on me
Im gonna touch you in the right spot baby
Feed you my love it will drive you crazy
Betcha cant wait, baby its all good

Betcha cant wait , betcha cant stop
Cant stop thinking bout my love rock, baby come on
No not tonight, stay here with me C I want you baby
Betcha cant wait , betcha cant stop
Cant stop thinking bout my love rock, baby come on
Baby come on

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