Paroles de chanson Earth Crisis: Gomorrah's Season Ends

Gomorrah's Season Ends

From the core of my being comes this promise to myself
that I won't break my honor before all
A one-way mission through life, I won't change my course
There's far too much to experience and accomplish to waste a precious
second drunk or hazed An effective revolutionairy through
the clarity of mind that I've attained I see it all for what it
is as Gommorah's Season Ends in the grave
So many have become demoralized that now a change must be forced or all will
perish in the lunacy once it befalls
Parasites gnaw at the basis, their vulgar ways bring pointless ends
Perpetuating the degeneration
In this self is all I need with this oath that keeps me free
To this I am forever true I am straight edge
I am straight edge I am straight edge I am straight edge

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