Broken Song

Desires to live in the past
To start all over again
When nobody knows and nobody cares
And no one is to blame
A short distance from Heaven
Even though I know it's not the same
I think I must be crazy now
Cause I have yet to go insane
Can I ever let myself smile again
Or will I only wind up feeling pain
The ticking of the clock on the wall
The only sound that remains
It sounds like it's a time bomb
Set to go off in my brain
I got a broken mind, here's my broken song
Why can't I make this damn thing work right
How come I feel like nothing's ever right
Why am I the one who's always wrong
Do you really want to win this fight
Or do you want to just beat me down
Why do I in the morning even bother
To open my eyes
I guess my will is instinct strong
Why do I lose everything I want
When just to get it I had to wait so long
I'm all screwed up inside
It's getting hard to make things clear
I don't know what the hell is wrong with me
I got a broken mind, here's my broken song
Why can't I make this damn thing work right
Don't waste my time, leave me alone
Used loneliness to write this song
Broken mind, broken song
Now I am broken

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