Mary's Mountain

Near the town where I had grown up
There was a place that I would climb to
With greener pastures and truer flowers
Fantastic daydreams I called Mary
(Mary gave me free passage)
Now I'm 100 miles off the mainland
Many miles of Keller's Point
100 miles out in the darkness
So far out can't get my feet on the ground
On a ship they call verity
Oh, the peace in anonymity
The curse of vocal obesity
And the supply of mental fatalities
Please take me back to Mary's Mountain
I must go back to Mary's Mountain
Leave me at the landing
Pour me on the shore
I'll swim in the new air of my childhood memories that are
Reborn Memories, be now true
Spitting, turning, swirling ocean
Cursing Scylla and Charybdis
Fire! Fire! Serpent slayer
Neptune offer me free passage
Captain! Captain! The ship is oozing
Cracking, squirming in the water
Fire! Fire! Serpent slayer
Neptune offer me free passage
"Oh captain my captain!
Our fearfull trip is done
The ship has weathered every rack
The prize we sought is won"

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