Ghetto Girl

Verse 1:
I used to watch you in the schoolyard while you jump rope
baretts in your hair, fresh gear, your Brothers pump dope
I approached you but no others could come close, I used to buy you
slices of Pizza and Strawberry iceys
gentleman style, always talkin' very nicely
everytime we played House I'd be the Husband you the Wifey
Mom dukes whoopin' your ass because you liked me
walkin' down the block switchin' ya ass tryin' to excite me
I still have those letters that you used to write me
about how since we met up you see the future brightly
young love, smooth and politely
my one touch had you sprung up
on the phone for hours
I told you before we hung up, "Young stuff, this World is ours"
together Girl we can make a better World
my ghetto Girl

Chorus -
You're my ghetto girl in a ghetto World
for you I'd dead the World
I'll never forget my ghetto girl
you're a ghetto girl in a ghetto World
gave me a better World
I'll never forget my ghetto girl
you're a ghetto girl in a ghetto World
for you I'd dead the World
I'll never forget my ghetto girl

Verse 2:
I still spend days reminiscin'
age changed, different livin'
cables and chains, waves spinnin'
had you in the projects, the Gods knowledged you as my Wisdom
always around tryin' to lock me down like Prison
I saw your vision
always wishin' for the day we'd have kids'n
wedding and a Cristening
baguettes around your wrist'n
chicks used to say to you always "Why you stick with him?"
"Every conversation we have you always mention him"
in all actuality they just mad 'cause I ain't get with them
and all the Men they ever had seemed to split on them
but I ain't gonna do you like those Cats did to them
hustlin' cracks, bustin' the MAC so nice clothes can cover your back
you lovin' me and I'm lovin' you back
rubbin' your back
can't nobody tell you other than that

Chorus -

Verse 3:
Out of this World
no more Guess, you're a Gibana girl
givin' me Sex, you were a "I guess I'll try it" girl
still into baguettes, Tennis set type of World
Black Queen Nefertiti in the flesh in my World
in the best of my World
you're obsessed with my World
I'd tell you how much I was blessed since you stepped in my World
I loved to caress you and express to you
I only want whats best for you
sexin' you in unforgettable ways, I treasure you
pleasure you to an extent thats imeasureable
it's terrible, with every intent to put the spell on you
share with you
in Eight-Fifty-I's you see a clearer view
here boo, this Six is for you
I want you to live it too


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