Sinner Man

Sinner Man
I see you dwelling with the living
Jah children
I was there and number one of them
Let me get out of this a city
Surrounded with wealth and misery
I've got to get out I beg you Father
Before this reality visions of fire

Sinner Man
I see you dwelling with the living
Jah children
While you a aiming
I'm sending out the warning
I've got to get out of this crowded city
Oh Jah before cometh the hotter bottle

I'm living my life for one and only
This life that I live is really my own
If I'm gonna be a substistute
If I'm gonna be use Zion is my home

Sinner Man
Stop look and live
Your sending losing souls moulding hole
Sinner Man stop listen and live
Lets live Lets live Sinner Man

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