Talkin' Loud

(jp maunick/r bull/g harvey)

There's a new generation takin' up the challenge
To raise the conciousness of all mankind
Tellin' it straight without a chaser
Like train the motivator
Bringin' on new dimensions to fundamental vibes

Unfoldin' revelations from a universal source
Deep awareness for the wonders of the world
People yearnin' for the learnin'
Positive where life's concernin'
Optimistic in the quest for peace
So detach yourself from stress and ignite
The cultural feel
We're standing in the frontline with
A message clear for all
We've come in search of wisdom
The inspiration, information
Listen and learn

Talkin' loud
And sayin' something
'bout the way we live our lives today
Talkin' loud
And sayin' something
Revelations from a risin' generation
Buildin' on solid ground foundation
Complete with soul seduction
Come together, elevate your mind
What have we got if not each other
You can lean on me my brother
We got clear intentions
On planetary vibes
Detach yourself from stress
Ignite the cultural view
We're standing in the frontline with
The message clear for all
We've come in search of wisdom
Inspiration, information
Listen and learn

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