Caught Up

(feat Lloyd, Alexus)

[Ja Rule Intro:]

Word to mother to my nigga Buck 3000 on the boards!
Holla back!
They be killing it know what I mean big boy!
Know what I'm sayin Ayo!
Ayo Jodi!
Hey you can tell somebody to go downstairs to the car and she get that bottle of Vouth
Out the back of the back for me baby I needa get right before I do dis hea!


[(Chorus) Lloyd and Alxeus]

Why me and you
Had to meet, talk, fuck and get caught up
What we been through
It's enough to get any man
Caught up
I'm feelin you
And I'm feeling we should both be free
If we were through
Just imagine what life be without me


Mami, I put my best foot forward though it's kinda awkward
Cuz ya pigeon-toed and bold-legged
But you ain't too proud to beg
First time we got alone, you gave me some head
And been callin me ever since
To do it again
When we met you was a seventy straight with a ten
And I am ya lucky quarter
And the days get shorter the nights get longer
You know when the weather is cold Feelings grow stronger
Wanna perform her pussy feel like walking pneumonia
Got me Snifflin, Sneezing, Coughin, and Aching and shit
And I'm startin to think I'm fallen in love with this bitch
I'm having dreams about her jeans and how they fit
And the Urban Jeffrey Baby Tee
And she's wearing my name already
So you know she's fuckin me
I'm a G like dat but for you I fell backwards
The only question I ask myself is

[Chorus 1X]


Why me?
Beta yet why
You and I?
Why I always pick the ones not in they right minds
And crazy
Singing dangerously in love this a dangerous broad I'm fuckin
Like Al is the Scent of a Woman
That got me playin hardball
Like ya'll couldn't
Excuse my intruding
I don't mean to be rude
But our situation is kinda amusing
Cuz we both like each other
But scared of each other
I's like we more than friends
And less than lovers
And my niggaz can't tell us
What we been doin is wrong
And ya girls getting jealous
Cuz we been getting along
Hold on!
This is how it all begins
You call your friends
I'll call my friends
We'll all be friends
And hang out at the mansion
At the Hamptons on weekends
Then it all ends
And the question is

[Chorus 1X]


Have you even been touched like I touch ya?
Been held like I hold ya?
Been loved like I love ya?
Be Real
Be Real
Have you ever been seen like I see ya?
Been heard how I hear ya?
Been felt how I feel ya?
Be Real
Be Real


Girl ya my (Sunshine)
But sometimes it gets a little cloudy
Don't it?
Them sunny days
See the sunrise
And wish that it could hit yaFace it
I'd be great
To get up every morning
To eggs and steak
But you can't be late
So we separated on good terms
And no ones concerned
About who ya been fuckin
And who ya fucked last
But when I see ya still my question to ask is

[Chorus 2X's]

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