My Own Thing

One Word

I heard you walking through my door
I studied every footstep
I tried to listen through the floor
I love to hear you sleeping
So pretty is your face
I feel so inadequate
But know it keeps me breathing
When I see your face I feel alive

And this face that I'm hiding behind
Can't contain what I feel inside

One word to say what's on my mind
It's a word that I just cannot find
I sometimes wonder when I'm with you
Is it love makes me feel like I do

Your presence I cannot ignore
No matter how hard I try
I struggle knowing I want more
You're all consuming my mind
Spend my days imagining
You're here with me don't go away

And this world that I'm hiding inside
But it's you that keeps it alive


Do you remember the time
You walked by my door and you smiled
You put this hope in my heart


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