Not Beneath

To privide Christ the entrance
Forsaking the empty way of life
Sure of the spirits fulfillment
And absence of strife
God's child of the incorruptible seed,
In which the word abides
Firmly rooted, established in faith,
Overflowing praise arises
Existing in Christ's presence
Reaching the depths of compassion
Center of self, Overtaken discipline,
Motivated ambitions
Confidence in His powerd, wisdom,
And goodness within reach
More than a conqueror, established
To the end, above not beneath
Reconciled by God ministry
Of reconciliation
Redeemed from the oppressor,
Escape the corruption
Confidence in His power, wisdom,
And goodness within reach
More than a conqueror,
Established to the end, above not beneath
Participating in the divine nature
Continuing to grow
In wisdom and stature
Confidence in His power,
Wisdom, and goodness
Within reach more than a conqueror
Established to the end, above not beneath

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