Summertime, summertime brought me back to thinking you were mine all those times
We laid it down and left it all behind, we were blind

Oh, the summertime
We could ride, we could ride
Take my hand and watch the world go by
Laugh or cry, well we need to try, get off the line, time to fly
Oh, the summertime

Go on ahead and let it fade away
No looking back you know the past will stay
It?s you and me, we could get out of here
Jump in and go and we could drive for years
We could feel alive

Here we are, here we are,
Windows down we see a shooting star
Stop the car
Waiting for nothing but our beating hearts, going far

Oh, the summertime
So feel the air, feel the air,
Take the map and point to anywhere
I don?t care fingers through your hair,
The sky I?ve seen is blue and green
Oh, the summertime

Driving away, leaving it all behind
Driving away, just driving away

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