Paroles de chanson Movies Soundtracks: We Can Be Lovers

We Can Be Lovers

Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong
All you need is love

Please dont start that again

All you need is love
A girl has got to eat
All you need is love
She'll end up on the street!
Love Is Just A Game!

I was made for lovin you baby
And you were made for lovin me

The only way of lovin me baby
Is to pay A lovely fee

Just one night, Just one night

There's no way cuz u cant pay!

In the name of Love!
One Night in the name of love!!

You crazy fool, I wont give in to you

DontLeave Me this way
I cant survive without your sweet love
Ohh baby dont leave me this way

You'd think that people would of had enough of silly love songs

I look around me and i see it isnt so (ohh no)

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love sonds

Well Whats wrong with that? Id like to know
Cuz here I go Again!!
Love lifts us up where we belong
Where eagles fly on a mountain high

Love makes us act like we are fools
Throw our lives away for one happy day

Just for one day

YouYou would be mean

No i Wont

And I I'll drink all the time!

We should be lovers

We Cant do that

We should be lovers and thats a fact!

No nothing would keep us together

We could still time just for one day
We could be heros for ever and ever
we could be heros for ever and ever
We could be heros
Just because I I will always love you (I have always loved you)
How wonderful life is now you're in the world

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