Paroles de chanson Nikki Webster: Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed

Even though it's not the first time
For the better or the worst I'm
I'm hoping it won't be the last
If it doesn't mean forever
Even for a day whatever
Everything is changing fast

Used to be my heart was breakin'
Now after all the time it's taken baby, baby
This is something real we're making

Feels like I've never been kissed
I've never been kissed before
There must be something I've missed
'Cause now I need something more
I didn't know that this was love
But now I'm sure
'Cause it feels like
I've never been kissed before

You tell me that you're feeling it too
Say it's turning your heart into
Something better than before
Something that we both believe in
Everything that we've been needing
And what we've been waiting for

No matter what it takes I don't care
Wherever you are I will be there baby, baby
Never gonna leave you, I swear


I can't shake the feeling
I'm living in a dream
That's real to me
It's how it's supposed to be

Even though my heart was breaking
After all the time it's taken baby baby
This is something good we're making


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